DoseID, the first industry Alliance around RFID use in healthcare, announces its Board of Directors

AUBURN, Ala. (October 27) — DoseID, the first of its kind industry Alliance for best practices in RFID use in healthcare, announced its founding board of directors. DoseID brings industry players from across the healthcare continuum together to ensure RFID quality, performance, and interoperability for drug products. The board of directors represents a wide range of leading companies in the healthcare field that share the mission and vision of DoseID; to solve the supply chain problems related to drug shortages, recalls, workflow inefficiency, and lack of interoperability, proactively through industry-wide collaboration for RFID standards for healthcare. 

The DoseID Board of Directors is made up of representatives from five founding DoseID member companies; Sandoz, Omnicell, Kit Check, CCL, and Hikma. The Board’s goals are to set the vision & mission of DoseID, designate working groups and approve standards that each working group establishes, appoint the independent chair, appoint the testing lab and other key service providers central to the mission, and set budget and fee schedule.

Sandoz, a global leader in generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars, has had DoseID compliant RFID-tagged medications for the OR available for purchase since early October 2020. “Sandoz is excited about a future where some of the previous supply chain problems in the hospital ecosystem are solved with RFID technology,” said Sandoz board member, Robert Spina, Vice President of Key Accounts & Sales. “With RFID-tagged products available to customers this month, we are thrilled to get started in modernizing the supply chain for increased patient safety and efficiency.”

Omnicell creates intelligent medication management solutions and adherence tools for health systems and pharmacies that dovetail with the goals of DoseID RFID standards. With a combination of automation, intelligence, and technology-enabled services, powered by a cloud data platform, Omnicell supports more efficient ways to manage medications across all care settings. “Omnicell’s membership in DoseID further bolsters our mission to achieve zero error medication management through the Autonomous Pharmacy,” said Omnicell board member Nish Parekh, Vice President, Point of Care Solutions. “We are delighted to join forces with other industry leaders to advance RFID standards and address issues COVID-19 has unfortunately only exacerbated.”  

Kit Check is the industry leader in unit-dose RFID solutions in US hospitals, bringing visibility, simplicity, and predictability to the complex world of medication supply management. “Kit Check leads the way in item-level data for pharmaceutical products through our expertise in RFID,” said Kit Check board member Tim Kress-Spatz, Co-Founder and Chief Security Officer. “We are excited to see a future where that type of rich data allows industry-wide interoperability and makes interacting with pharmaceutical products at any point in the supply chain a seamless experience.”   

CCL Healthcare, labeling leader for cGMP facilities, works with the industry leaders to develop new RFID tags, inlay designs, printing and converting of specialized materials, and collaborates with systems integrators to ensure the successful launch of large scale RFID initiatives. “With our expertise in the cGMP environment and extensive technical experience with RFID, CCL’s global Healthcare community is poised to lead the conversation about the future of RFID in healthcare. We are very excited to be included as a DoseID board member,” said CCL board member Al Green, Vice President, Technology Development. “Through collaboration with leaders in all sectors of the pharmaceutical supply chain, I am confident we can ensure a better future for healthcare.”

Hikma, a leading global pharmaceutical manufacturer committed to helping to shape a healthier world through affordable high-quality oral and injectable medicines, is currently developing RFID enabled medicines for the US market. “Hikma believes in the goals of DoseID and is committed to utilizing technology to help maintain and enhance the safety and efficiency of the drug product supply chain,” said DoseID board member Constance Long, who also serves as Senior Director Strategic Commercial Development at Hikma. “By working together across industries, we can design interoperability into the healthcare system so that hospitals can focus on what’s most important – delivering the best possible patient care.  The formation of DoseID is an example of how industry collaboration can deliver positive impacts for healthcare providers, and in turn, for the betterment of our nation’s health.”

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Paul Berthiaume
Matter Health for DoseID