Quality is Key to Adoption

Quality and performance are one of the three pillars of DoseID’s standardization process. RFID technology has greatly improved since its inception but there are a variety of factors that can affect its reliability such as manufacturing processes, QA workflows, and the challenging environments in which these RFID-tagged drugs will be scanned.  There are currently RFID standards offered by RAIN, GS1, and other organizations focused on global specifications. DoseID will comply with these standards as the Alliance looks to take the standardization even further, specifically for the healthcare industry which is why we have partnered with Auburn University’s RFID lab.

Auburn’s RFID Lab is a popular research institute specializing in the business application of RFID. Most notably, the lab has worked with a variety of retailers to create RFID standards as well as increasing item-level visibility for apparel and aerospace. The lab’s ARC Program currently serves as a third party RFID certification body for different industries, establishing performance and quality specifications.  The program is comprised of education, research, and support to enable the successful adoption of RFID. DoseID will leverage the ARC Program as our third party RFID certification system.

The ARC Program Lab Certification Process

The ARC Program's 5 step certification process to ensure the quality of a vendor.

The ARC Program focuses on a 5 step process illustrated above. The first step focuses on third-party audits and certification. Next, the ARC Program will develop a questionnaire that focuses on design and development, supplier and raw material, non-conforming product and experience, expertise, and resources. They will then take the survey and go on-site for inspection and testing. To ensure consistency, the RFID Lab will test 4000 tags on-site at their Auburn University location. Once the supplier has passed this inspection they will be subject to regular inspections in the supply chain and deployment.

The DoseID Alliance believes that third-party certification is necessary to provide a quality RFID experience for the healthcare provider which will in turn be passed on to the patient. As more suppliers begin to produce pre-tagged RFID medications, the processes used for the implementation of RFID technology have to be audited to ensure there aren’t transmission interceptors or blockers. Our partnership with The ARC Program will provide healthcare providers with peace of mind knowing that their inventory data is accurate and working to prevent shortages, diversion, and most importantly ensure patient safety.