DoseID joins AIM and RAIN as an Association Partner for the Engage Again virtual conference

DoseID, the first member driven industry Alliance for the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in the healthcare space, is excited to be an Association Partner for AIM and RAIN’s Engage Again virtual conference. The conference, taking place virtually on May 5-6, 2021, will focus on the Automatic Data Collection industry and will bring together speakers and exhibitors to cover topics like  barcode, biometrics, IoT, NFC, RFID, RTLS, and RAIN, from the areas of applications, standards, vertical markets, and more.

DoseID unifies the industry around best practices for using serialized, RFID-tagged drugs,to ensure the quality, performance, and interoperability of tagged drug products as they move through the supply chain, from the manufacturer all the way to the patient, across all of the existing systems and software that is present. DoseID recognized the need to bring together the industry in a way that ensures RFID tagged medications work in all of the downstream IT systems in hospitals and health systems and can help reinvent the medication supply chain.

It is only with partnership across the entire pharmaceutical supply chain – from drug manufacturers, to inlay providers, to automation vendors and hospitals – that RFID unit-level medication tracking can achieve the DoseID goals of interoperability, reliable tag performance and complete and accurate data. When properly configured, RFID medication tracking systems can help solve the problems that plague the supply chain including shortages, recalls and diversion while reducing integration headaches that are currently prevalent in siloed healthcare systems.

DoseID’s mission aligns with that of AIM and RAIN, and supports the AIM pledge to “[enable] adoption, growth, and interoperability to those who depend on accurate, available, and identifiable data.

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Jill Gross
Matter Health for DoseID