Inlay Manufacturers are Shaping the Future of RFID in Healthcare

The rise of RFID-tracked medications is not just a technological advancement; it’s a promising market ripe with opportunities. Inlay manufacturers, the unsung heroes of the pharmaceutical supply chain, now have the chance to set themselves apart with unique products tailored to this emerging field with UnitVisID.

UnitVisID: Maximizing RFID’s Potential

UnitVisID is more than a specification; it’s a blueprint for unleashing RFID’s full potential for medications dispensed in hospitals and healthcare organizations. Developed and maintained by the UnitVisID Alliance, comprised of leading companies in the pharmaceutical ecosystem, it’s a framework that’s proven its worth by accurately tracking over 210 million shipments from manufacturing to patient use.

The goal of UnitVisID is clear: to guarantee the accuracy, performance, and interoperability of RFID-tagged medications throughout the entire supply chain, from manufacturing to pharmacies, right up to patient administration. Along the way, it interacts with various systems and software, tackling pharmacy challenges and enhancing patient outcomes.

What Makes UnitVisID Certified Products Stand Out?

UnitVisID Certified products aren’t just compliant with existing standards like RAIN and GS1; they undergo rigorous testing to ensure:

1. Performance: By using only the best RFID inlay, tailored to the specific size, shape, material, and application environment, UnitVisID ensures optimal functionality.

2. Interoperability: Every medication and its unique attributes can be read by all UnitVisID Certified hardware devices. This means seamless integration across various platforms and vendors.

3. Accuracy: A comprehensive and ever-evolving record of each medication’s properties and event history is securely housed in the UnitVisID Registry[MP1] .

4. Compliance with Other Standards: UnitVisID is not isolated; it’s interoperable with GTIN, SGTIN, DSCSA, and other universal standards.

5. Accelerated Time-to-Market: Thanks to access to independent third-party testing facilities, like the RFID Lab at Auburn University, UnitVisID offers faster time-to-market by pre-certifying inlays.

Benefits of UnitVisID Certified Solutions for Inlay Manufacturers

RFID Portfolio and Multi-Vendor Interoperability Across All Components

UnitVisID offers a portfolio of certified RFID inlays that are customizable for any size, shape, and material of medication primary containers.

With UnitVisID, technology vendors working with inlay manufacturers can guarantee that their products will seamlessly integrate with various vendors and components, enhancing their appeal in the market.


The explosive growth in RFID technology for medication containers is fertile ground for inlay manufacturers. The diverse range of containers used in a pharmacy makes achieving high-performance complex, and UnitVisID makes it possible to scan and store hundreds of fluid-filled containers quickly, efficiently, and without errors. By defining the specific requirements for inlays, UnitVisID ensures that they are tailored to the demanding environment of densely packed pharmacy kits and trays.

A Badge of Quality

Inlays can be designated as UnitVisID Certified by meeting stringent quality and performance specifications set by the UnitVisID Alliance. This certification ensures validation and safety stock for Alliance members and grants open access to all pharmaceutical manufacturers and 503B outsourcing facilities within the Alliance.

For inlay manufacturers, UnitVisID represents an exciting frontier of opportunities and challenges. By aligning with the UnitVisID Alliance and becoming UnitVisID Certified, manufacturers can differentiate themselves and take a leading role in the rapidly evolving field of healthcare RFID technology. It’s not just about compliance and standards; it’s about innovation, excellence, and shaping the future of healthcare.

Become a member of the UnitVisID Alliance and be at the forefront of healthcare RFID innovation. For more information, download our UnitVisID benefits at-a-glance for inlay manufacturers.

 [MP1]Are we able to talk about the Registry?