Not all Inlays are Created Equal

Pharmaceutical medications can present one of the most complex scenarios for RFID tagging, especially those destined for hospital systems. Many are small, made from glass, contain liquid, and may even be enclosed in foil. These unique characteristics can detune RFID antennas, leading to diminished or non-existent performance once the vials or syringes are filled with medication. This has been a significant barrier to RFID growth in healthcare, but that’s where UnitVisID steps in.

The UnitVisID Alliance: Collaboration to Overcome Challenges

UnitVisID isn’t just another industry group; we’re an alliance driven by a mission to improve RFID tag medication performance within hospital systems. Encompassing inlay manufacturers, RFID and automation technology providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, label converters, third-party testing labs, and hospital systems, this alliance is more than the sum of its parts.

This collaboration of RFID industry leaders and early adopters focuses on developing innovative solutions to the unique challenges in healthcare and hospital systems. The aim? To create a future where true RFID interoperability is not just a dream but a standard feature across hospital systems.

How UnitVisID is Making a Difference:

  1. RFID Inlay Manufacturers: In the critical field of pharmaceutical tracking within hospitals and healthcare systems, RFID technology begins with the precise crafting, testing, and approval of RFID inlays. The world’s largest inlay manufacturers belonging to the UnitVisID Alliance, are at the forefront of this innovative process. By committing to high-performance standards, engaging in exhaustive testing protocols, and subjecting their products to rigorous third-party validation, they are creating RFID inlays specifically designed to work seamlessly with even the most challenging pharmaceutical products. These efforts enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety across the healthcare system, underscoring the vital role that inlay manufacturers play in modern medicine.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations: With ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs and manage pharmaceutical spending, hospitals need proven solutions. UnitVisID is assisting over 1,000 hospitals today in overcoming these challenges, ensuring efficiency and compliance with regulations.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: UnitVisID Certified pharmaceuticals are now the preferred choice for more than 1,000 hospitals. These products offer a unique opportunity for manufacturers but must meet the exacting requirements of performance and interoperability.
  • Technology and Automation Vendors: The last thirty years have brought incredible advancements in pharmacy system automation. UnitVisID Certified RFID systems have taken this even further, using a central repository of data to drive further improvements in labor reduction and data integrity.

More Than a Product: A Paradigm Shift

UnitVisID isn’t merely a technology; it’s a movement in healthcare. It’s about building a system that’s resilient, efficient, and aligned with the unique needs of each stakeholder, from hospitals to manufacturers to tech vendors. It’s not just about addressing today’s challenges but shaping the future of healthcare.

The widespread adoption of UnitVisID by hospitals and preference among leading pharmaceutical manufacturers strongly endorse its value. UnitVisID is leading the charge in modernizing pharmacy management by ensuring efficiency, quality, and interoperability.

The Alliance’s collaborative approach, focusing on shared knowledge and innovation, has helped overcome some of the most complex problems in RFID tagging. The solutions developed solve current issues but pave the way for a more resilient and responsive healthcare ecosystem.

With UnitVisID, the future of healthcare RFID looks not just promising but revolutionary. By bringing together a diverse group of experts with a shared vision, the UnitVisID Alliance is transforming how we think about and use RFID in healthcare. It’s a vivid demonstration of what can be achieved when innovation is driven not by commercial interests alone but by a shared commitment to solving real-world problems. It’s about creating RFID solutions uniquely suited to the challenges they aim to solve. With UnitVisID, we’re seeing that in action.

Be part of our thriving community dedicated to advancing the healthcare industry through interoperable and high-performing RFID technology. To join UnitVisID Alliance or for more information, please email