Overview of CCL Healthcare RFID Quality Process

Discover the quality process behind CCL Healthcare with Karl Hoelper, the company’s Director of Marketing! As a division of CCL Label and UnitVisID Alliance board member, CCL Healthcare is dedicated to producing secondary packaging within cGMP facilities.

Our members, like CCL Healthcare, are advancing standards around RFID-tagged unit-of-use medications and pushing the envelope on inlays tailored for the unique and challenging use cases that hospitals face today. More than 210 million RFID-tagged medications utilizing the UnitVisID platform have been scanned – exponentially more than any other RFID system in the US healthcare space. CCL Healthcare understands how important RFID labels are to the medication supply chain. Check out the video to learn more about its rigorous inspection process, where each label is printed, inspected, encoded, and validated for functionality. This process includes multiple points of inspection and quality assurance checkpoints to ensure the highest quality labels – with greater than 99% accuracy and functionality – are delivered and allow customers to keep track of how many labels have been dispensed and where they may have left off in the labeling process.

Learn more about the CCL Healthcare RFID quality process in the video below.