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Driving Towards Autonomous Medication Management

Despite robust investments and significant advancements in healthcare automation, the path is still strewn with obstacles. Resource shortages, product recalls, workflow inefficiencies, and interoperability issues continue to plague healthcare systems. However, RFID in medication management is a beacon to bringing significantly amplified patient safety within our reach.

Envision autonomous vehicles. Now, imagine that level of precision, reliability, and automation applied to medication management. That future is not a distant reality but can be realized today. And UnitVisID Alliance is at the forefront of this movement.

We’re Building a Coalition, and You Belong Here!

We are building an alliance to mobilize the industry around a single, unified, and transformative vision for the future. UnitVisID Alliance, with the active participation of our members that represent the entire pharmaceutical supply chain —including hospitals, clinicians, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, and technology solution providers—is diligently working side-by-side to forge an interoperable, high-performance future that leverages RFID to enhance patient outcomes significantly.

UnitVisID Alliance welcomes collaboration, sharing ideas, and building upon a robust technical foundation that:

  • Liberates clinician time, redirecting it towards direct patient care, thereby significantly bolstering clinical outcomes.
  • Employs technology that ensures precision and provides actionable information at the medication Unit-of-Use level.
  • Aspires and ensures the pinnacle of safety, financial performance, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.
  • Sews a seamless technological fabric that enhances patient safety throughout the medication’s entire lifecycle – from production to patient use.

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Your expertise and participation can help mold a future where technology supports and actively elevates healthcare to new pinnacles of excellence and patient safety.

Join us in shaping the future of healthcare and ensuring an interoperable, high-performance future for RFID in the pharmaceutical industry. Tackle pharmacy challenges. Improve patient outcomes. Get started here