UnitVisID Alliance Announces New President and Expanded Vision

Vision expands support for diverse inlays, EPC formats, and automation solutions in the market

San Ramon, Calif., August 20, 2023 – UnitVisID Alliance, the first membership-driven industry alliance advancing radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in pharmaceuticals, today announced Al Green, UnitVisID Alliance Founding Board Member and CCL Industries’ Vice President of Technology Development, as its new president.

The Alliance’s vision is expanding to ensure performance, accuracy, and interoperability that is compatible with the diverse inlays, EPC formats, and automation solutions available today. Several new hospital members joined the Alliance, and its mission to enhance critical healthcare workflows and pharmacy challenges with RFID technology is stronger than ever.

“Through collaboration with diverse industry stakeholders, the UnitVisID Alliance is unifying the approach to an interoperable digital system for tracking and identifying RFID-tagged medications at the unit dose,” said Al Green, UnitVisID Alliance President. “In the ever-evolving healthcare sector, embracing technological progress and change for advancement is crucial.”

The Alliance encourages organizations sharing our vision to join its efforts to unify the industry’s approach to RFID in healthcare. Companies can join the Alliance and participate in specification development efforts and a Member Meeting on September 20-21, 2023, in Washington, DC. Attendees will connect with leaders in the industry and participate in discussions with healthcare professionals and key industry members on the use of RFID today and the opportunities for growth.

The UnitVisID Alliance membership represents many of today’s leading companies in the pharmaceutical manufacturing ecosystem and innovative hospitals and health systems. Alliance members include Avery Dennison Corporation, Baxter, Bluesight, CCL Healthcare, George Schmitt & Co., Identiv, Impinj, Intelligent Label Solutions, International Medical Industries, Inc., MPI Label Systems, Nephron, Omnicell, Sandoz, SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems, Schreiner MediPharm, and Tageos.

About UnitVisID Alliance

UnitVisID is the first open, member-driven Alliance advancing the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tagged pharmaceutical products in healthcare. The Alliance brings together the leading companies in the pharmaceutical manufacturing ecosystem to lead, collaborate, and develop RFID specifications that ensure accuracy, performance, and interoperability. Members include hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, 503B outsourcing facilities, automation/technology vendors, label converters, and inlay manufacturers. Visit us at www.unitvisid.com

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