Advancing RFID Technology in Healthcare Through Collaboration

Welcome to the final installment of our blog series based on the ASHP Foundation’s report on RFID technology in medication-use systems! Previously, we examined the challenges impeding RFID’s mass adoption in healthcare and explored its transformative potential. Now, we wrap up the series focusing on the power of collaboration.

Feedback from the report’s strategic advisory group (SAG) signals that RFID technology offers significant benefits to end users and that the successful integration and advancement of RFID technology in healthcare hinges on collaboration.

According to the report, stakeholders—pharmacists, IT and informatics specialists, medical providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and regulatory bodies—play critical roles in navigating the challenges and capitalizing on RFID’s opportunities. The report underscores the importance of assembling a multidisciplinary team early in the process to align goals and integrate RFID technology smoothly into everyday operations, maximizing the chances of success and minimizing obstacles.

UnitVisID Alliance emphasizes the importance of working together to address the challenges and seize the opportunities RFID presents [READ: The Power of Collaboration]. UnitVisID’s advocacy for industry-wide specifications to ensure interoperability, performance, and reliability of RFID solutions exemplifies the collaborative effort required to push the boundaries of what’s possible with RFID in healthcare.

UnitVisID Alliance represents members from the pharmaceutical supply chain ecosystem, including hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, technology vendors, inlay producers, and label converters, all dedicated to alleviating pain points in healthcare workflows through RFID.

While the journey toward widespread RFID adoption in healthcare is fraught with barriers, the opportunities and collaborative efforts encouraged by the ASHP Foundation’s report and UnitVisID Alliance’s initiatives paint a hopeful picture of the future.

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