Inlay Manufacturers are Shaping the Future of RFID in Healthcare

The rise of RFID-tracked medications is not just a technological advancement; it’s a promising market ripe with opportunities. Inlay manufacturers, the unsung heroes of the pharmaceutical supply chain, now have the chance to set themselves apart with unique products tailored to this emerging field with UnitVisID. UnitVisID: Maximizing RFID’s Potential UnitVisID is more than a specification; it’s a blueprint for … Read More

RFID Inlay Manufacturers: The Heartbeat of High-Performance RFID Solutions for Healthcare

In the world of RFID technology, inlay manufacturing stands as the foundation for successful tracking and management of pharmaceutical products. But not all inlays are created equal, especially when it comes to complex and delicate medical environments. The UnitVisID Alliance, comprising some of the world’s largest inlay manufacturers, has embarked on a journey to redefine the standards of RFID inlays. … Read More

Not all Inlays are Created Equal

Pharmaceutical medications can present one of the most complex scenarios for RFID tagging, especially those destined for hospital systems. Many are small, made from glass, contain liquid, and may even be enclosed in foil. These unique characteristics can detune RFID antennas, leading to diminished or non-existent performance once the vials or syringes are filled with medication. This has been a … Read More

Ensuring Life-Saving Medication Availability and the Crucial Role of RFID in Hospital Systems

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), essential medicines are “those that satisfy the priority healthcare needs of the population” and should always be available in health facilities. The WHO estimated that proper delivery of these life-saving medicines could prevent over 10 million deaths each year. Given the profound implications for public health, it’s imperative to address several areas to … Read More

Ensuring Standardization in RFID Tagging for Medication: A Pillar for Interoperable Hospital Systems

In the ever-expanding world of healthcare, efficiency, and accuracy are key factors affecting patient care and outcomes. As medical technology advances, so does the necessity for standardized protocols and procedures. Among these, the integration of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tagging in medication management has shown significant promise. RFID Tagging in Healthcare RFID tags are tiny devices that use radio waves to … Read More