UnitVisID: ARC Lab Q&A

Our mission at UnitVisID Alliance is to ensure the accuracy, performance, and interoperability of RFID-tagged medications as they move through the supply chain, from manufacturing to patient. To ensure that UnitVisID Certified products meet or exceed our specification and deliver the levels of performance and quality needed to provide value to 1,000+ hospitals and health systems across the US, we … Read More

UnitVisID™ Leads Growing RFID Use in Healthcare with Rebrand

Today, the first membership-driven industry alliance advancing radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in pharmaceuticals announced its rebrand to UnitVisID Alliance, as the new name for the DoseID Consortium. The name change reflects the organization’s commitment and mission to ensure the quality, performance, and interoperability of RFID-tagged pharmaceutical products as they move through the supply chain – from manufacturing to patient use.

Recent RFID & Pharma Announcements

We have been heartened by the growing trend of pharmaceutical manufacturers and RFID industry partners announcing tagged drug products, serialization technologies, and quality programs aimed at increasing the use of tagged unit-of-use medications. We’re excited to see new parts of the industry begin to embrace the longstanding customer demand for these value-add products. DoseID believes that serialized unit-of-use medications, tagged … Read More

What are RAIN and GS1?

With all the talk of RFID and pharmaceuticals, you’ll frequently see mentions of RAIN and GS1. Here’s a quick primer on those terms and a description of how they relate to UnitVisID. RAIN RAIN is a marketing organization and global alliance promoting the use of GS1’s UHF Gen2 protocol. The term “RAIN” has become synonymous with “UHF Gen2” when describing … Read More

[Podcast] Vision and Visibility: RFID’s Emergence in Healthcare

Recently, DoseID’s president, Tim Kress-Spatz, discussed RFID’s promise in downstream supply-chain tracking, the importance of interoperability in tracing drugs, reducing the inventory management burden for hospitals, and more on The Pharmaceutical Commerce Podcast. This wide ranging discussion included: Increase in Market Demand for RFID RFID (radio frequency identification) tagged medications are gaining traction again in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Initially, … Read More