CCL Healthcare

CCL Healthcare, a division of CCL Label, is focused on producing secondary packaging within cGMP facilities. We pride ourselves in partnering globally with companies of all sizes and manufacturing our products locally to our partners. That is why we have 33 cGMP facilities worldwide and are growing. With over 65 years of printing experience, CCL Healthcare knows quality matters. That is why we have invested heavily into 100% Vision Inspection Systems and deployed the most rigorous quality assurance process in the industry. What does this mean for our partners? CCL Healthcare is dedicated to providing our partners with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. CCL Healthcare works with the industry leaders in the development of new RFID tags, inlay sizes, software and systems integrators to ensure the successful launch of your next RFID project. CCL has invested heavily into highly trained personnel and new state of the art equipment. With our skilled staff we are able innovate not only at the product level but at the machinery level modifying equipment to push the boundaries to achieve what was once not possible yesterday to the what is possible today.