UnitVisID Alliance Member Profile: CCL Healthcare

Karl Hoelper, Director of Smart Packaging and Product Innovation, Healthcare and Specialty Worldwide at CCL Healthcare

What does your company do? What services or products do you provide?

CCL Healthcare is a CGMP label converter and RFID specialist who presents a holistic RFID solution tailored specifically for pharmaceuticals and 503b’s. Our thorough RFID solution boasts tailor-made high-performance inlays finely tuned to match medications and containers, surpassing the generic, one-size-fits-all RFID tag approach. Additionally, our groundbreaking bolt-on high-speed RFID Line Management (RLM) system for packaging lines allows for late-stage encoding, personalization, and serialization, revolutionizing the process.

CCL Healthcare is also vertically integrated with our Checkpoint division, which manufactures at scale the most sophisticated RFID inlays for the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Our commitment to patient safety drives us to develop cutting-edge RFID inlays for the pharmaceutical industry. We firmly believe that if our inlays can prevent even one patient’s death, aid in a drug recall, or ease the burden on healthcare providers by allowing them more time to focus on patient care, then our efforts are justified.

Why did you join UnitVisID Alliance, and how long has your company been a member?

As a founding member of UnitVisID Alliance, CCL identified the necessity for a standardized RFID approach in healthcare, particularly within hospital systems, where the use of life-saving medications is critical. This standardization encompasses quality, performance, reliability, and interoperability. Given our leadership position in healthcare RFID packaging, it was logical to leverage our expertise in cGMP manufacturing and our high standards of quality and accuracy to benefit the industry. CCL has long understood that for healthcare systems to fully harness the benefits of RFID, source tagging is essential. Drawing on the expertise of our Checkpoint division in source tagging within the retail industry, transitioning this knowledge to healthcare was the natural progression to replicate the success of RFID source tagging.

What benefits does your participation in UnitVisID Alliance bring to your company and business? 

UnitVisID Alliance has significantly influenced CCL Healthcare, prompting a shift in our focus towards patient safety. We are committed to delivering top-notch RFID solutions, guaranteeing that patients receive the correct, unexpired, and non-recalled medication. The fundamental principles instilled by UnitVisID Alliance have transformed the RFID hospital industry positively, prioritizing patient well-being above all else.