Industry Membership

Access and Benefits

Diverse Membership

The UnitVisID Alliance is open to any organization interested in supporting our mission. Our members span the pharmaceutical supply chain. Current membership includes RFID companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, 503B outsourcing facilities, technology and automation vendors, label convertors, and service suppliers.

Most importantly, a growing number of hospitals are involved in the Alliance.

Customer Forums and Research

As an Alliance member, you will have the opportunity to hear from our hospital members about current challenges and best practices to help you accelerate your time to market while also helping you efficiently focus your R&D efforts to create solutions for this quickly evolving marketplace. You will have the chance to ask them questions, perform market research and participate in discussions to help shape the future directions of your product lines.

Annual Survey and Report

In order to ensure current challenges are always heard and understood, we survey our hospital members annually about the pain points they are experiencing, problems they need solved and trends in the industry and present the results in an annual report.

Educational Programming

The UnitVisID Alliance is committed to providing members access to pertinent educational programming, presentations, and discussions throughout the year, aimed at both hospitals and industry members, on various tracks, including RFID basics (hardware, software, tags).


High-level Benefits

  • Attend member meetings that include updates from committees, keynotes, or Q&A discussions with stakeholders and industry leaders, etc.

  • Participate in committee discussions to help determine specification updates, recommendations for new features, and implementation guidelines

  • Access to a resource library that contains the UnitVisID certified product processes, catalog of approved inlays, and registry API documentation

  • Use of the UnitVisID brand on Certified products and services

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of being a member and the current fee structure, please visit our Join page.